Don't let distance get in the way of working with professionals to achieve your goals. B2D will allow you to quickly find worthy candidates for remote even if you don't have time for it at all.

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React Vue.js Node.js


Flexible interface that allows both developers and businesses stay satisfied with the use of automized management system


Unique features that help users by making outstaff easy


Developers that have passed multi-stage recruitment process and have been identified as qualified professionals

How it works


Find your dev talent

Basing on your needs (requirements, expectations) go through our talents page and look for an ideal developer


Match with Dev

Find devs that suits your requirements and send us request


Performance Management

You can get an access to our working tools and receive a detailed information about how the process goes. To increase the performance check our coworking model

They make magic all time

Coworking space

An option to offer your developer to choose co-working option from many different opportunities and our co-woking partners.

1. Send us a request

2. Find most convinient place

3. Monitor the performance

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React React Native Angular Laravel Solidity Vue.js Node.js


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