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B2D is not a typical market place where business find developers. We offer a variety of working models that generate financial interest for partners who can bring value. Our concept of rewards for sales, recruiters and businesses helps generate extra revenue professionals with different specialisations.

Types of partnership


Do you want a stable passive income and work at a time convenient to you? If you have many connections in the development sphere then you have a chance to do both, help your connections find a good project to do, and in addition generate passive income


We pay for an organized interview with the candidate. It is important to mention that you receive pay-out after your candidate passed interview process

We offer a stable income from each closed vacancy. This means that when business match with developer you are able to receive from 3 to 5 percent from developer's hour rate

You will be independent and will work at time convenient to you

How we work:

You specify your contacts, not the developer Leave your contact details and our team will contact you

We check each candidate and support in preparation for projects

You get paid throughout the developer's work on the project. When our recruiters have identified the skills and knowledge of your developer, then the developer will be set for the project. You receive a pay-out

At this stage our recruiters looking for a project that might suit your candidate. When the project is found and both sides are ready to start, you will receive a passive income from 3 to 5 percent out of the developer’s rate until the developer is done with the project


Do you know how to sell well and are interested in raising your personal financial level? If you have experience in IT and are good at sales then we offer the ability to generate additional income


You will have a steady income

You will be able to combine this work with your main one

You will increase your networking

B2D pays for every single developer who is assigned to the project. Therefore, you receive from 4 to 5 percent out of developers’ rate on a monthly basis during the time while developers run projects

How we work:

We will contact you after you leave your details

We give you access to the database of our developers

You choose who to sell

You will have access to a time tracker for better control and understanding of the size of your passive income

Outstaff company

Do you have free developers or vacancies? We are not competitors, but partners


With us, you will have a large base of vetted developers. B2D cares about your time and therefore we offer access to recorded interviews of our developers for a better understanding of the skills and knowledge that they have

We develop a win-win working model with a simple form of cooperation

With the help of our self-developed model of cooperation with partners, chances to the close position are much higher

You will receive a 5% discount on 3 developers sold

How we work:

You will have two forms "I need developers for my company" and "I have available developers to propose". Choose the one you want

You observe specialists and identify candidates who are available for new projects to run and move to the interview stage. In case you have a candidate to offer, there is an option to attach CVs in the form below

One of our strong points is elastic cooperation conditions and working on every case individually

Ongoing support

Become a partner

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